Western Basin yellow perch report and walleye report August 18th 2018

Well today the guys that I talked to fished D can A can. And what they told me and what I saw was some guys had some decent numbers anywhere from 140 to 100. Some guys only had 80 all the way down to the low 30s so it was a tough day for perch on the western basin. I would recommend that if you fish D can or A can that if you ain’t getting a bite then just pull anchor and move a couple hundred yards and try it there and just move around but don’t go far. There are a lot of perch out there but they are suspended about 3 feet off the bottom now  the reason could be a number of things but I think the Lake needs a good shake up. We need to get these fish moving and biting again the water has been to stagnant. We have not had any strong winds to really shake this Lake up .Today we had a decent blow out of the Northeast two to three Footers but I mean like five two eight Footers. Talked to some guys  that went walleye fishing west of the islands all the way to the Toledo intake and guys are fishing the Reefs. Locust Reef is holding a lot of fish but there was a lot of traffic on it today but if you only have one or two guys you could have picked your limit up at on Locust heard some good reports on to-saint’. I was out today fishing for walleye and cast 18 in harness Nightcrawler and did fairly well. The walleye are not significant numbers on the reefs but if we get a drop in temperature maybe 3 or 4 degrees I think we’re going to see a lot of fish up on the reefs.

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